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Kinky Dogging couples seek sex contacts.

Men wanted with voyeuristic tendencies to watch naughty couples having sex on public car parks all over Britain.

NawtyCouple, 42 from Gillingham, Kent

I shared my wife on a service station

If you have ever fancied sharing a hot wife then you need to check out Dogging Couples, we have thousands of submissive husbands who share their wives with other men I know because I am one of them, It all started a couple of years ago my wife and I where on holiday in Wales, we where having a marvellous time visiting some wonderful places with stunning scenery and the beaches where lovely at that time as the sun was backing down, it was a lovely summer break which was just about to get better. After a visit to Tenby we where heading back to our hotel when I noticed I needed some petrol, I mentioned it to my wife and said I would stop at the next service station and fill up, after a few miles we came across a small service station and I pulled in, I got out to stretch my legs and fill up the car, my wife said she was going to the toilet and walked across the forecourt to the main entrance, she looked stunning in her short summer dress, her long legs looked gorgeous, I went into the shop to pay and there was this younger guy there chatting to my wife, as I got closer to them I could here him flirting with her telling her how hot she was and what he wanted to do to her, Well I wasn’t amused and I was just about to pull him over the counter and knock him senseless when my wife saw me and grabbed my arm. She pulled me to one side and said don’t hurt him you should be flattered her finds me attractive and I’m yours. I looked into her blue eyes and melted. We returned to our journey and as I was driving she turned to me how horny she was but what she really wanted was to have me share her with another man.

I was totally surprised I said has this got something to do with that younger man in the service station? She said kinda, I have had this feeling for ages now but never told you but I think it could be fun for us both, after a long discussion I agreed to Share my wife so we set about finding away. We searched online for ages until we found this site which seamed perfect for what we wanted, we had a good look round and as it was free to join decided to sign up, after a bit of browsing we found some one who seamed perfect and arranged to meet him at a service station which was half way between his house and ours, we hit it off straight away and I booked us into the hotel for the night where we had the best sex, my wife loved it and I was glad to Share my wife on a service station’s hotel.

If you would like to find a horny couple like us then you need to join this hot site, since then we have been meeting men, women and couples for no stings sex all over the UK it has become our adventure and could be your’s with the click of the mouse, there must be thousands of couples here all looking for the same so come on and sign up now we would love to meet you so I could Share my wife.

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